RMC-66A 6 Source 6 Zone Audio Matrix with Integrated Amplifier


  • 6 Source 6 Zone Audio Matrix with Integrated Amplifier
  • Multi-Room Audio Control System Expandable to 18 Zones
  • APP Control with Wi-Fi or Ethernet Network Connection
  • High Efficiency Class D Amplification
  • Stereo or Bridged (mono) Speaker Outputs
  • Optional Keypads and IR Remote
  • 110V or 220V Selectable Power
  • RS232 Communication Port
  • 12V Trigger Inputs and Outputs
  • Source 1 Priority PA Function with Trigger Input
  • Built In IR Emitters Outputs
  • Preamp Outputs Zone 1-3

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RMC-66A is a 6 Source 6 Zone Audio Matrix Controller with Integrated Amplifier that is ideal for multi-room audio applications.  The integrated class D high efficiency amplifier outputs can be configured for stereo or bridge mode.  Zone 1-3 have additional stereo RCA line outputs. LAN or Wi-Fi network connectivity, 12V triggers/IR outputs per zone, Priority PA function and RS232 communication port to accommodate any application.

The RMC-66A matrix amplifier is expandable from 6 to 12 or 18 zones by linking 2 or 3 systems together. Network connectivity allows control with via iOS or Android APP. These systems have been designed to meet the needs of residential, business and commercial audio applications. Zone keypads and IR remote are optional items that can be ordered individually or as kit that includes 6 zone keypads, keypad connection hub and IR remote.


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